This is my personal website, which I'm working on to refine my CSS and HTML skills and because I'd like to emulate the digital cultural landscape of the early aughts.

I was born too late to properly experience it, having started to explore the internet just as social media took off and changed its function, leaving antiquated bits to rot.

Even though I wasn't a part of that era, it doesn't mean I can't try to poorly imitate it now. Neocities is the perfect medium for that.

So, having established this as being a learning experience and pretentious masturbatory session, you're probably wondering what you could find here that interests you, if anything.

I intend on writing a blog. I like to talk about a lot of stuff, including videogames, philosophy, literature, politics, etcetera. I'll probably touch on something interesting eventually.

You'll find some of my creative writing here, and I also plan on putting up a page with cool videos and links to other, better Neocities sites on it.

The site is going to look ugly because I'm not good at web development, but hopefully I'll get better at it with time.

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